Sometimes, signs are too subtle for us to identify them. But with these six signs, you could quickly determine if you are in a financial crisis.


These six signs could almost guarantee that your credit debt is too massive for you to handle effectively:


You’re having a hard time figuring out how to pay


When you always experience this, your credit card debt is probably running wild. You might as well consider adopting an ideal budget plan to help you clear your credit debt. Make it your prime focus to kill them off, and make sure that they won’t happen again in the future.


You can’t save up money


You cannot save money because almost all of your income is allocated to credit debt repayments. This is dangerous, keep in mind that you could incur more debt if you can’t save money. Thus, to manage your debts, you might try to refinance it. However, refinancing could  increase your debts even further. If you have this kind of problem, it is a sure sign that your credit debt is out of control.


You use a credit card almost every day


While a credit card is a convenient way to purchase goods and services, it might be a sign that you do not manage your finances effectively—if you became dependent on it. This is mostly true if you tend to use your card every day so that you can acquire your daily necessities.


Your credit application is consistently rejected


Banks and other credit companies always check the financial background of their potential clients before approving their application. If you have massive credit card debt, it will reflect in your credit history and credit score. Getting rejected every time should alert you that there is something wrong with regards to your financial status.


You’re always late when paying for credit card debts


Because you are having a hard time trying to make ends meet, the schedule of when do you pay your debts are always late. If you see this problem recurring, again and again, it is an obvious sign that you have an underlying financial problem. Solve your credit debts as soon as possible, so that the interest rates will not accumulate.


Your credit card is maxed out, or you’re above the limit


Maxing out your credit card is one way to tell that you might be struggling in your finances, but going above the limit? It’s one of the sure signs that your credit debt is running wild.