You probably became desensitized when you hear the mightiness of having insurance. You ought to hear the constant mantra of insurers that “in life, it’s better to be prepared.” While it’s an undeniable fact, insurers will repeat this magical mantra, again and again, tweaking the wording here and there to appropriate it in a situation.


Most of them do this not because they genuinely care, but they are paid to care. They will say a lot of things which you can’t help but to agree since most of what they say is too apparent. They will do and say anything so that they can convince you to buy insurance from them.


If an insurer becomes a ‘superhero,’ he should be called, Captain Obvious.


This article is written to let you know what life insurance is NOT:



Life insurance is NOT enough


Most life insurance is simply NOT enough to cover for the financial losses that your death may cause. One easy way to prevent this is by purchasing additional insurance policies. Assess your policy options and choose the best among them.


On top of that, be sure to update your investment policies if you needed to.


Life insurance is NOT only for wealthy people


Though most insurance companies make it seem like a luxury product, life insurance is NOT only for people who live in wealth and prosperity; it’s for everyone. Fortunately, insurance companies do not discriminate between the rich and the poor. Even when you don’t have a lot of money, you can buy insurance.


Just like with everything else—as long as you can pay, you’re good.


Life insurance is NOT for you


Contrary to popular belief, life insurance is NOT for you —it’s for those you care about.


When you die (yes, you’ll die) your loved ones will not only suffer from emotional and psychological turmoil, but they could also suffer from financial chaos, especially when you’re the breadwinner in the family.


While it’s sad to file for life insurance because it feels like planning your own death, you must do it to ensure the future of your loved ones.


I mean, you just left and will just left them with nothing?  (aside from your lovely memories, of course! )


With life insurance, you can rest assured that your beneficiary will receive financial assistance after you passed away.


In short, don’t leave them hanging when you leave.